Flysky FGr4B Receiver Supporting AFHDS3 PL18 NB4 NB4 Lite Transmitter Output PWM PPM i-bus S.BUS i-bus2


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The FGr4B receiver adopts Flysky's third-generation automatic frequency hopping digital system (AFHDS 3).It uses a single-antenna bidirectional transmission system and is uniquely designed to install and output PWM/PPM/i-bus/S.BUS/i-bus2 in signals. It supports all AFHDS3 transmitter.

The FGr4B receiver is compatible with all AFHDS 3 transmitters  (Note: It is currently applicable to PL18 1.0.55, NB4 2.0.93 and NB4 lite 1.0.10 and later versions. The high-frequency library used by the firmware is version 3.0.).
The failsafe function is used to output the channel according to the out-of-control protection value set by the user after the receiver loses its signal and is out of control to protect the model and personnel.
If after a firmware update is performed and the transmitter is unable to bind to the receiver, the receiver may need to be put into forced update times.
The design is small and light, easy to install.
If there are any problems, please contact our store in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution.

Item: 4CH Receiver
Product Model: FGr4B
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Adaptive Transmitter: All Transmitter Supporting AFHDS3 (PL18, NB4,NB4 Lite, etc.)
Model Type: Car/Boat ect.
PWM Channels: 4
RF: 2.4GHz ISM
2.4G Protocol: AFHDS 3
Antenna: Single AntennaInput
Power: 3.5~9V
Data Output: PWM/PPM/i-bus/S.BUS/i-bus2
Temperature Range:  -10°C~+60°C
Humidity Limit:  20%~95%
Size: 3*1.7*1.7cm

* There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Package Information:
Package Size: 8.2*6.2*3.5cm
Package Weight: 54g
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Packing List:
1 * 4CH Receiver
1 * Some Stickers