FUDE Wireless EK783 Keyboard & Mouse Combo 2.4GHz Concave Button Set Smart Power-Saving Silent Clicks Slim Combo for Laptop, Computer Black


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The EK783 wireless combo covers a keyboard and a mouse, which allows to just plug and play directly, with no receiver required, very convenient. Silent click design delivers comfortable and smooth typing, and the most pretty color may makes it your favourite.


New Concave Buttons.
Deliver unique and comfortable typing experience.
Provides comfortable typing experiences, and reduces the fatigue caused by long-time working.
Stable Wireless Transmission.
2.4GHz wireless technology provides a connection and not subject to any interference within 20 meters.
One Receiver Design.
The keyboard and mouse share one receiver, for more convenient operation.
Light Button & Silent Click Design.
The keyboard and mouse adopt silent design to produce less noise , without disturbing others.
Sleep Mode.
Allows to automatically enter the sleep mode after being not in use for 10 minutes, for power saving and long service life.
Power-Saving Indicators.
The keyboard is equipped with 3 indicators that are not dazzling, with very low power consumption.
Multi-Media Control.
Convenient for listening music, watching movie and office use, etc.
Ergonomic & Stable Mouse.
Adopts stable chips to ensure the stable operations and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, less fatigue.
Matte Surface & Rubber Scroll Wheel.
The matte surface delivers more comfortable holding and the rubber scroll wheel is more smooth to operate.
Stable IC Operation.
Stable IC control is more smooth, and the no-light system is power-saving, with strong ability to identify.
250HZ Rate of Return.
The rate of return of the mouse is up to 250HZ, suitable for office and small games use.
Eco-friendly Material.
Made of high quality material, which is eco-friendly, safe and durable to use.


Data Transmission: 1Mbps
Frequency: 2405MHZ-2476MHz
Channel: 16
Engine: Optical
Distance: 20m / 65.6ft
Voltage: 1.5V
Current: 11mA
Keystroke: More than 3 millions
Size: 99 * 60 * 38.2mm / 3.9 * 2.4 * 1.5in
Mouse Resolution: 1600DPI
Rate of Return: 250Hz
Mouse Step Current:
Working Current: 11mA
Standby Current: 0.5mA
Sleep Current: 50uA
No Receiver State: 30uA
Data Transmission: 1Mbps
Frequency: 2405MHZ-2476MHz
Channel: 16
Distance: 20m / 65.6ft
Voltage: 1.5V
Current: 1.8±0.2mA
Keystroke: More than 3 millions
Size: 44.5 * 13.5 * 1.5cm / 17.5 * 5.3 * 0.6in
Weight: 477g / 16.8oz
Keyboard Step Current:
Working Current: 1.8±0.2mA
Standby Current: 1.5mA
Sleep Current: 10uA
No Receiver State: 2uA
Color: Black, White (Optional)
Package Size: 53.5 * 14 * 4.2cm / 21.1 * 5.5 * 1.7in
Package Weight: 686g / 24.2oz

Package Include:

1 * Keyboard
1 * Mouse