FX-AUDIO MUSE-01 PRO High-Speed Bluetooth Audio Receiver Hi-Fi Audio Digital BT Home Theater Amplifier DC12V / 1A


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The most stable and practical audio receiver for a family. No more hesitation, buy it now!

Can be connected with the headphone amplifier, the amplifier with analog input interface and digital interface. With external antenna that can be disassembled and the signal is more stable.
Support group of memories, automatically pair and connections. Optical/ Coaxial output to digital audio amplifier directly connection.
With color LED indicator, easy to check out the working condition of the machine. Micro switch machine, digital signal, analog signal output at the same time to show the most humanized design.
PCB black gold sinking process: easy to weld, not easy to short circuit, denser, not easy to oxidize, smooth, long life, stable transmission of preserved signals.
QCC3008 BT module output using i2s output mode, digital-to-analog conversion chip using ESS9023, is a relatively mainstream mid-end decoding chip than the direct use of BT chip analog signals and then use NE5532 to amplify sound much better, can be used directly as hifi sound source.

Name: Audio Receiver
Material: Alloy
Color: Black, Silver (Optional)
Plug: EU Plug
Chip-set: NJM2068
RMS Level: 308mVrms
SNR: -75dB
THD: 0.008%
Input: PHONO (MM)
Output: RCA
DC Power Supply: 12V 1A
Item Size: 95 * 60 * 30mm
Package Size: 23 * 13.5 * 6.5cm / 9.05 * 5.31 * 2.55in
Package Weight: 283g / 9.98oz

Package List:
1 * FX-AUDIO MUSE-01 PRO High-Speed ​​Audio Receiver
1 * External Antenna
1 * Plug
1 * User Manual