Glow in the Dark Tape Luminous Tape Self-adhesive Green Light Luminous Tape Sticker


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Natural glow in the dark, no need of power energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, bright warning labels can also beautify the environment effect.
Waterproof, sunscreen, strong corrosion, self-adhesive, etc; And virulent insipidity, no radioactive elements; Construction is convenient and simple.
Can stick on electric switch, remote control panel, wall switches, plugs, flashlights, door handles, handrails, fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm, rescue equipment, etc.
Safety warning role stick on such as emergency evacuation passageway, the subway station, underground passage, cinemas, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.
This product needs to absorb the natural light or indoor lighting before used in dark, if natural light is insufficient indoor, please turn on the light for 15-20 minutes.

Safety: Inert and non-toxic
Lifespan of luminescent material: 5 years +
Adhesive: Non-permanent / peelable type
Color: White
Emission Color: Green
Quantity: 1 Roll
Size: 15mm width * 3 Meters length
Package Size:
Package Weight: 4g / 0.14oz

Package List:
1 * Roll of Luminous Tape