Godox SL200IIBi LED Video Light 200W Photography Fill Light 2800K-6500K Bi-color Temperature 9 FX Lighting Effects CRI96+ TLCI97+ Bowens Mount for Home Studio Live Streaming Portrait Product Photography Vlog Video


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2800K-6500K bi-color temperature light for basic photography usage, and 9 built-in lighting effects for more creativity. Bowens mount makes it easier to choose accessories. Want to gain popularity as a live streamer, content creator or commercial producer? Lighting with Godox SL200IIBi will be a good start.

【High Brightness Studio Photography Light】
With a powerful 39200 Lux surprising max. brightness at 1 meter, SL200IIBi can be the only lights you need for a simple studio on a budget solution. Very suitable for live streaming, portrait, product and wedding photography, etc,
【Bi-Color Temperature & 9 Lighting Effects】2800K-6500K bi-color temperature light enables you to quickly match the color of existing lighting; built-in 9 FX lighting effects can meet your needs for either personal content creating or commercial production.
【Reliable Color Rendering】Superior lights reproduce accurate colors and thus illuminate your scene in a naturally way. SL200IIBi scores over 96 on CIR and 97 on TLCI, delivers vibrant natural light and make your photos more vivid.
【Silent Mode for Low Noise Working】Freely switch on the silent mode to eliminate unwanted noise, providing creators with a highly silent environment for video productions and improving their efficiency.
【Standard Bowens Mount】Designed with standard Bowens mount for compatibility with a wide variety of light accessories to make your photo taking and video recording more professional.

Brand: Godox
Model: SL200IIBi
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color Temperature: 2800K-6500K
Power Supply: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Output Power: 200W
Channel: 32
Group: 16(0-9/ A B C D E F)
ID: OFF/1-99
Brightness Adjustment: 0%-100%
100% Illuminance: 39200 LUX(with standard reflector, 1m testing distance)
CRI: 96+
TLCI: 97+
Working Environment Temperature: -10℃ to 40℃
Light Effect Mode: 9
Item Size: 36.5 * 20 * 16cm/ 14.4 * 7.9 * 6.3in(without reflector)
Item Weight: approx. 3.25kg/ 7.2lbs(without reflector and lamp cover)

Packing List:
1 * LED Video Light
1 * Frosted Cover
1 * Lamp Cover
1 * Standard Reflector
1 * Power Cord