Hantek 6V 12V 24V LCD Digital Car Battery Analyzer Automotive Vehicle Battery Diagnostic Tester Tool Digital Tester


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This automotive battery tester is mainly used to test and analyze 6V 12V 24V battery including CCA/IEC/EN/DIN/JIS Value, voltage, internal resistance and battery life. It can be widely applied to measure various types of 6V 12V 24V storage batteries. Very easy to understand and use even for beginners.

The battery tester has 4 major functions of Start load test, Charging system test, Electric load test, Battery start test.
Test car load state directly, starting voltage, charging voltage normally or not.
Low frequency signal testing without external large load discharge test.
Easily read out electrical capacity and physical condition to estimate lifecycle.
Directly detect on the car without removing the battery.
Rapidly and accurately display the result of battery test.
Continuous operation, fully protected over-voltage and reverse connection protection.
No electricity, no produce heat, no spark, no operating risk, any adult can operate it easily.
Battery test: cold start current, battery internal resistance and voltage, lifecycle analysis.
Starting test: battery changing status during system starting.
System test:output state during charging system working.
Maximum load test: battery maximum load state.
Application field: storage battery manufacturer, automobile production line, Auto 4S limited, storage battery distributor and owner of truck, private car.

Tester Color: Black
Material: ABS
Display: Lattice LCD Screen
Application Range: 6V 12V 24V Storage Battery

CCA Range: 100~1700
IEC Range: 100~1000
EN Range: 100~1700
DIN Range: 100~1000JIS Range: 100~1700  

Accuracy: 3%
Battery Internal Resistance: 0.00mΩ~99.99mΩ
Battery Voltage: 4.5~30V
Cord Length: 600mm
Item Size: Approx. 143 * 77 * 28mm / 5.63 * 3.03 * 1.0in
Item Weight: Approx. 270g / 9.54oz
Package Weight: Approx. 635g / 22.38oz
Package Size: Approx. 25 * 19.2 * 5cm / 9.84 * 7.56 * 1.97in

Package List:
1 * Digital Battery Tester
2 * Battery Specification Comparison