Iphone Watch No Wire Charger Portable USB Cable Suction Type Iphone Watch Quick Charge Base


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Portable no wire charge base, quick charge, shorten charge time, suction type automatical charge, once contact it will charge, safe charge do not hotting, lightweight, easy to storage and carry. 

Delicate shape, lightweight, convenient to carry and use.
Plug and play, simple and quick, quick charge do not hotting.
Portable with line suction type quick charge base.
The bottom is silica gel plate, moving without scratching.
Aluminium alloy and lastics styles are optional.

Color: White
Material: Aluminium Alloy, Lastics (optional)
Cable Port: USB
Function: Plug And Play
Package Weight: 
   42g / 1.48ounces
   49g / 1.73ounces
Item Size: 27 * 27mm / 1.06 * 1.06in
Package Size: 110 * 110 * 18mm / 4.33 * 4.33 * 0.71in

Packing List:
1 * No Wire Charge Base 
1 * Instruction Book