KERUI Wireless Signal Transfer Signal Repeater Booster Extender Dual Antenna for G18 G19 W2 W18 5900G Home Alarm Security System


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Z09 wireless signal converter main function is to forward the detector signal to the alarm host, indirectly, extend the detector to send the distance, expand the alarm control range. For the host and the detector far away or the middle of the obstacles caused by the transmission and receptionof signals is not ideal occasions.

* Five wireless zones 1-5 zone, the wireless detector can  learn the code to the relay of the five wireless zones, each zone detector number is limited but the total number of  zone detectors no more than 99.
* Can learn remote control remote control signal, up to learn 99 remote control. Two wired zones Z4-Z5 zone, wired zone Optional short  circuit alarm or open circuit alarm (NO or NC).
* Compatible with millions of chips 1527 (resistance  150K-470K) and ordinary coding chip 2262 (resistance  1.5M-4.7M) full range of remote control and detectors.
* Built-in rechargeable battery, an external power supply  trickle charge, external power supply automatically switch battery power.
* Built-in EEPROM chip, in the case of shutdown or  power failure, learning the code on the remote control and  detectors and other information will not be lost to ensure  information security.
 External power supply: DC5V or DC12V
Built-in battery: Ni-Hi DC 4.2V
Quiescent current: <20mA / DC 5V or <13mA / DC 12V
Operating current: <500mA / DC 5V or <100mA / DC 12V
Receive, detection frequency: 433 MHz (ASK) / 868MHz (FSK)
Learn the maximum number of remote controls: 99
Learn the maximum number of wireless detectors: 99
Received detection distance: 100M or so (open ground)
Send distance: 500M or so (open)
Working temperature: -20 ° -55 °

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 13 * 12 * 3cm / 5.1 * 4.7 * 1.2in
Package Weight: Approx. 130g / 4.6oz              

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1 * Wireless Signal Converter