KKmoon 32 Level Indicator VU Meter Audio Level Meter Stereo Amplifier Adjustable Light Speed Board Module with AGC Mode


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32 segment lights, single track, fine made, features enough dynamic range, single button operation, brightness adjustment.
Exclusive widening design light strip, not so big, can be easily loaded into small case.
The rising & falling speed of light bar, the holding time and the falling speed of the peak can be adjusted separately.
Dual 16 segments LED light bar, contains one with 1 color(16 green), another with 2 colors(8 green + 8 red).
It has dB mode(-40~16dB range, for signal monitor) and AGC mode(super wide range of AGC adaptive algorithm for better effect).

Material: Electronic components
Color: Multicolor
Package size: 13*9*2.3cm / 5.1*3.5*0.9in
Package weight: 16g / 0.56oz

Operation Instruction
Normal mode:

1. Press the button for 1s – Mode switch
2. Press the button for 3s – Switch between real mode and AGC mode
3. Press the button for 5s – Enter the speed setting mode
4. Press the button for 10s- Reset
5. Double press on the button – Adjust the brightness of the light bar(low/medium/high, cycle)

Speed setting mode:
(In normal mode, press the button for 5s to enter, press the button for 5s again to exit.) 
1. Press the button for 1s
a. The rising speed of the light bar(15 optional)
b. The falling speed of the light bar(15 optional)
c. The holding time of the peak(15 optional)
d. The falling speed of the peak(15 optional)
e. Zoom in / out in dB mode(15 optional, 80%-120%)
f. Brightness adjustment (15 optional)
Loop in these functions
2. Press the button – Change the setting parameters in loop

Display Effect
1. Strip display + falling after the holding of the peak
2. Strip display + disappearing after the holding of the peak
3. Strip display + no displaying of the peak
4. Strip display + flowing toward right and disappearing of the peak
5. Strip display + 2 segment light
6. Strip display + 1 segment light
7. Strip display + the peak rolling back and forth
8. Strip display + falling of the peak after its right jumping 2 lights

Diy electronic kit only, other accessories in the pictures are not included.
Due to manual measurement, there may be deviation, please in kind prevail.
Due to lighting or other reasons, the picture and material object may slightly differ.

Packing List:
1 * Mainboard
2 * LED Module
1 * 4-pin Socket
1 * 4-pin Wire