KKmoon 5V 2A Lithium Battery Charging Board Type-C Input with Female Charging Module Type-C Charge Module for Electronic DIY


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Type-C input with female, fits almost all rechargeable lithium battery.
5V 2A charging board module, can be very convenient to DIY.
In load current always <50mA, output shuts; after charge current reaches final floating charge voltage(≤100mA), charge cycle auto stops.
When battery voltage drops(<4.1V), the charge cycle starts again; in battery voltage <2.8V, battery will be pre-charged at 180mA.
It supports simultaneous charge & discharge, external connection of keys(by K point and output negative pole).

Material: Electronic components
Color: Multicolor
Input voltage: 5~5.5V
Charging cut-off voltage: (4.2V/4.35V) ± 0.5%
Charging current: 2.4A ± 5%
Boost output voltage: 5V~5.15V (loss compensation)
Boost output voltage ripple: 100mV
Boost output current: 2A
Boost conversion efficiency: 92.5% (3.6V input, 5V 2A output)
Battery end quiescent current: <30uA
Package size: 9*6*2cm / 3.54*2.36*0.78in
Package weight: 5g / 0.17oz

Boost Efficiency
3.837V input voltage, 0.685 input current, 5.039 input voltage, 0.5A output current, 95.90% conversion efficiency
3.758V input voltage, 1.427 input current, 5.138 input voltage, 1A output current, 95.80% conversion efficiency
3.673V input voltage, 2.225 input current, 5.146 input voltage, 1.5A output current, 94.50% conversion efficiency
3.580V input voltage, 3.086 input current, 5.112 input voltage, 2A output current, 92.50% conversion efficiency

Charging module with USB female only, other accessories in the pictures are not included.
Please cut off power and then adjust charging voltage.
Due to manual measurement, there may be deviation, please in kind prevail.
Due to lighting or other reasons, the picture and material object may slightly differ.

Packing List:
1 * Charging Module
1 * USB-A Female Socket