KKmoon 6DOF Metal Claw Robotic Arm with Servos DIY Kit Mechanical Arm Robot Arm Robotic Clamp Claw Kit with 6pcs Servos Mechanical Arm and Gripper Robotic Arm Kit


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The robotic arm is in compact structure, very well designed and manufactured, which can move front and back, up and down and left and right steadily.

Servos Included: equipped with 6pcs MG996 analog servos controller for the joint and claw.
10kg.cm Large Torque Servo: operate smooth to control the mechanical arm more accurate and flexible.
6 DOF Structural Designed: allows the robotic arm to move smoothly at the front and back, up and down and left and right.
Compact & Durable: all the support parts are made of 2mm thick aluminum plate, which effectively improves the stability of the manipulator itself.
Forearm Mechanical Structure: the simplified structure reduce the weight of the forearm, easier to install and more flexible to control.
Imported Cup Bearing Steering Joints: not only can make the steering more flexible, but also can make the servo gear steering in the same center of the circle.
Rounded Disc Form Chassis: allows the robotic arm turning left and right more flexibly and smoothly.

Type: Without Servos / With Servos (Optional)
Material: Aluminum
Package Weight: 619g / 21.83oz, 979g / 34.54oz
Package Size: 31 * 22 * 7.5cm / 12.20 * 8.66 * 2.95in

Servos Specification:
Servos: MG996 analog servo
Quantity: 6pcs
Working Voltage: 4.8~7.2V
No-load Current: 100mA
Torque: 10kg.cm
Limit Angle: 180°
Wire Length: 30cm
Gear Material: Metal
Dead-time: 5uS

Packing List:
1 * Box of Robotic Arm DIY Kit (With Servos)