KKmoon Ham Radio CW Decoder Morse Code Reader Morse Code Translator for Keying Practice


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Works well as a decoder for practicing Morse Code, and check your own decoding abilities as you listen to an CW input source.
Plug in a Morse Key to the CWKEY socket to decode your own code and see the CW decoded into test on screen as you practice.
The 103 potentiometer will adjust the sensitivity of the CW signal recognition, while the 102 potentiometer will adjust the LCD contrast.
The red button will turn on or off the space character recognition so that the space character is or is not decoded on-screen.
DC 7-12V, 500mA power supply required. Lightweight and compact for easy storage.

Material: Electronic material
Power Supply: DC7-12V, 500mA
Item Size: 11*5*2cm / 4.33*1.96*0.78in
Item Weight: 64g / 2.25oz
Package Size: 15*11*2cm / 5.9*4.33*0.78in
Package Weight: 66g / 2.32oz

Packing List:
1 * CW Decoder