KKmoon Lawn Rotating Sprinkler Large Base Plastic Automatic Sprinkler Large Three-prong Rotating Sprinkler Nozzle Butterfly Base + Big Three Prongs


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360 degree automatic rotation sprinkler irrigation, hydraulic drive, no need for other external power.
Three propeller water nozzles, ultrasonic welding, able to adjust the Angle of the water according to the irrigation area.
The working water pressure is 2-4 kg, and the spraying diameter is 8-10m.
Strong engineering plastics production.
Main application: in the garden, balcony, villa garden sprinkler irrigation water, watering flowers in the greenhouse, farms and cooling, beam concrete curing sprinkler irrigation, etc

Material: ABS
1/2 outer wire universal for most base
Connector Interface: European standard + American standard connector
Item Size: 245 * 210 * 105mm / 9.65 * 8.27 * 4.13in
Package Weight: 252g / 8.89oz
Package Size: 24.5 * 21 * 10.5cm / 9.65 * 8.27 * 4.13in

Packing List:
1 * Butterfly Base
1 * Big Three Prongs