KKmoon Smart Foldable Fan Multifunctional of AI Voice Control Mist Spray Humidifier Wireless Phone Charger Night Light Illumination Light 4 Wind Speed Adjusting


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The foldable fan including a variety functions of mist spray, phone charger, desk light, and more, and it also can take voice command to open/close the fan, open/close the light, which really is a small wonderful daily household appliance for you.

Multiple Functions: that foldable fan including functions of humidifier, wireless phone charger, night light, and power bank in a single unit, very versatile for daily using.
AI Voice Assistant: the AI smart fan supports a voice assistant, which can be awakened by saying "Hello didi" to the fan, then the fan will respond to your spoken commands such as "Open/Close the fan, Open/Close the light, Increase/Reduce air volume", etc.
Built-in Water Tank: you can add some pure water(approx. 50ml) inside, once you turn on the fan, it not only produce cooler wind for you, but also add humidity to the air.
Phone Charger: it includes wireless charging and mobile power source dual functions, you can wireless charging your mobile phone by place it on the induction charging area, or via a charging cable(NOT included).
4 Wind Speed Adjustment: soft, medium, and strong mode for you to switch from, and the 4th mode is natural wind that in variable speed.
Night Light & Illumination Light: 180° adjustable light with 3 brightness for auxiliary lighting in the night, it also has a soft night light that you can keep it on during sleeping.
Detachable Fan Cover: pull out the illumination light, then press the spray port, and anticlockwise rotate the cover to remove it for conveniently wipe it clean with dry cloth.

Material: ABS+aluminum alloy
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 2A
Power: 3W
Charging Time: 4.5H
Working Time: 6-18H
Noise: 30-50dB
Wind Speed: 2.3-4.0m/s
Battery: 7200mAh
Item Size: 208 * 208 * 128-880mm / 8.19 * 8.19 * 5.04-34.65in
Item Weight: 1159g / 40.90oz
Package Weight: 1360g / 57.98oz
Package Size: 23 * 22 * 14cm / 9.06 * 8.66 * 5.51in

Packing List:
1 * Fan
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual (English)