Laminate Wood Flooring Installation Tool Kit Wood Floor Tool Set Floor knock Set


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It's a Indispensable tools for installing wooden and laminate flooring.

Facilitate flooring installation of large flooring area. Could make you install the laminate wood flooring more convenient and easier.
The one side is rubber hammer, another side is solid hammer, the handle forged into the hammer head, which is powerful to use and will not fall off.
Tapping block can be inserted into the tongue of the plank when tapping two planks together.
This set of wooden floor installation kit assists in the tapping of planks in place, which is to help prevents damage during installation of the tongue and grooves locking system.
The floor spacers can adjust the thickness of the clearance using two spacers.

Color: orange
Material: PVC+polypropylene+plastic
Type: 1,2,3 (optional)
Type1: tapping block+puller bar(302mm)+spacer+hammer(40mm)
Item weight: 1525g / 3.4lb
Package weight: 1550g / 3.4lb
Type2: tapping block+puller bar(302mm)+spacer+hammer(35mm)
Item weight: 1385g / 3.1lb
Package weight: 1400g / 3.1lb
Type3: tapping block+puller bar(300mm)+spacer+hammer(35mm)
Item weight: 1125g / 2.5lb
Package weight: 1300g / 2.9lb
Package size: 345 * 105 * 66mm / 13.6 * 4.1  * 2.6in

Packing List:
1 * Tapping Block
1 * Puller Bar
40 * Spacer
1 * Hammer