LG8815 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Frame Light Plastic&Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Man and Woman Anti Glare Filter Computer Game Reading Eyeglasses


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Description: If your glasses is old, the paint has come off the frame, and you want to change a better one. Our products are designed to solve this problem and save you money. We have made a frame that is lighter and stronger with Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The perfect material and design make it absolutely comfortable to wear and pay much attention to your eyes' health. Order as soon as possible.

Glass frame is not easy to fade:
So you can even wear to take a shower or swim if you like.
Retro side, comfortable to wear: Without red indentation which is caused from heavy weight.
Have some flexibility: Elastic and suitable for all face shapes so you can keep wearing it whatever you gain or lose weight.
High-quality material: Stainless steel +TR9O make it durable and light.
Simple and stylish frame design: When you wear it you will become the coolest guy on this street.
Anti-harmful blue light: Provide all-day protection against harmful effects of high-energy visible blue light and UV400.
Pay attention to your eyes' health: Enjoy the digital age without worrying about eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches.

Name: Glasses
Color: Black silver, Black gold, Black red, Black brown, Brown(optional)
Material: Stainless steel +TR9O
Package size: 14*4.6*3/5.51*1.81*1.18in
Package weight: 50g/1.76oz

Package List:
1 * Glasses