LS-P Handheld Rangefinder USB Flash Charging Laser-Range-Finder High-Precision Measurement


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This product has high-precision, accuracy and reliability. Simple operation, long endurance. Ls-p has as-many-as 11 kinds of practical measurement functions, such as single measurement, continuous measurement, maximum and minimum value, angle measurement, area measurement, before and after reference, angle/height measurement with one key, easily covering all kinds of measurement needs.

Professional measuring tool with measuring accuracy up to 1 mm and measuring time of 0.2 seconds.
High-precision integral molding process, round arc 5 polishing sandblasting, comfortable grip.
USB quick charging, long endurance.
New living area, window height, sofa size, stair angle and so on can be measured, convenient and efficient.
Lightweight and portable, convenient to carry. 

Item type: Diastimeter
Material: ABS+Aluminium alloy
Maximum range: 40M
Range error: ±2mm
Package weight: 80g/2.82ounces
Package size: 150*100*60mm/5.9*3.93*2.36inches

Package list:
1 * Diastimeter
1 * USB cable
1 * Strap
1 * User manual

Common problem: 
1. What is the measurement range and accuracy of the LS-P range finder?
Under the general conditions of LS-P, the measurement range is 0.03-40 meters, and the measurement accuracy is ±2mm. The measurement range is 0.03-25 meters under unfavorable conditions, and the measurement accuracy is ±3mm.

2. What are the functions of the LS-P rangefinder?
LS-P range finder supports common single measurement, continuous measurement, angle display, front and back reference switching, area measurement, volume measurement, one PIP measurement, secondary Pole measurement, one-button distance measurement and other practical functions.

3. Does LS-P last a long time? Is the cost of use high?
The LS-P has a built-in 200 mAh lithium polymer-battery that is optimized by algorithms and has a battery-life of up to 3,500 measurements. After charging for 5 minutes, it can be measured continuously for 300 times, and there is almost no use cost of battery-consumption in the later stage.

4. How can I measure more accurately?
In the daily measurement, the friends should keep the rangefinder static and not shaking as much as possible; nor can it block the laser-emission and reception window of the LSP. Based on physical principles, errors can occur when measuring on the surface of certain objects.
For example: a transparent surface (water surface, glass), a reflective surface (polished metal), a porous surface (sound insulation material), if necessary, an aiming target (such as white paper) can be placed on the object to obtain accurate Oh, the data.

5. Are the lasers safe?

The LS-P internal-laser is a Class-2-laser certified by the international IEC60825-laser and uses less than 1mW. Daily use does not cause any damage to the human body. However, the high-brightness-laser will cause short-term visual damage to the eyes, so it is strictly forbidden to directly shoot the eyes of people and animals to avoid-accidental injury.