Meilan C3 Bike Speed/Cadence Sensor


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The bike sensor can collect data of speed and cadence at the same time when riding, support for connecting with riding APP or bike computer by BT. 

Basic on BT BLE4.0 technology, collect data of bike speed and cadence at the same time.
It can be connected with a bike computer or APP that conforms to the BLE4.0 standard.
Very easy to install, mini body.
CR2032 coin cell can be replaced, can be used more than 9 months.
Mechanically physical measurement, highly accurate.

Brand: Meilan
Model: C3
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Waterproof: IPX5
BT Version: 4.0
Package Weight: 60g / 2.12ounces
Package Size: 145 * 104 * 50mm / 5.71 * 4.09 * 1.97in

Package List:
1 * Speed Sensor
1 * Wheel Lodestone
1 * Pedals Lodestone
1 * Rubber Band
4 * Bands