Melting Furnace 2kg Portable Graphite Crucible Furnace High Temperature Small Metal Melting Furnace 1750W


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This automatic melt furnace with compact design is perfect for metal meting use. By using fine quality materials, the smelting furnace can meet the requirements of the industry and the workshop, are suitable for the processing of metals such as gold, silver, and copper.

Grooved graphite crucible is specially designed for easy removal from the furnace, insulated lid holds heat in and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt, say no to any metal waste.
Equipped with advanced PID module and digital control system to provides accurate and convenient metal melting, monitoring the actual temperature in the melting chamber at 2 second intervals, so that it will not overheat or cool.
The furnace wire seal integrated machine can be heated and heated quickly. It can be heated up to 1100°C and can melt metals with melting point below 1100°C in 48 minutes.
Accurate temperature control, easy-to-read digital display and LED on/off indicator.
Single point temperature control (temperature only, no control of heating and cooling rate and residence time).
The complete accessory is included and can be used immediately.

Color: red, black (optional)
Power: 1750W
Material: graphite, plastics, metal
Temperature: max. 1100°C
Crucible capacity: 2kg
Crucible inner size: 350 * 250 * 380mm / 13.78 * 9.84 * 14.96in
Crucible outer size: 385 * 385 * 440mm / 15.16 * 15.16 * 17.32in
Item weight: 10.5kg / 23.15lb
Package size: 440 * 310 * 330mm / 17.32 * 12.20 * 12.99in
Package weight: 12kg / 26.46lb

Packing List:
1 * Electric Furnace
1 * Graphite Crucible
1 * Pliers
1 * Power Cable
1 * User Manual