Mini Air Straight Die Grinder Set 25000RPM Pneumatic Air Polishing Rotary Tool Kit


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Professional Die Grinder Kit — 25000 free speed RPM mini air straight die grinder equipped with 1/4-inch, 1/8-inch collets and 2 wrenches; Meanwhile, we also provide 10 different abrasive mounted stone ideal for moldings and general high-speed polishing and grinding.
Compact & Precise — Compact size and high power mold grinder designed for reaching tight or angled grinding jobs. Streamline safety lever power regulators make operation more precise and work more efficient.
Premium Quality — Durable aluminum alloy housing, lightweight, wear resistant and rust resistant; High quality gear and ball bearing construction for extended tool life.
Easy to Use — This air die grinder with low vibration design to reduce hand fatigue.  Rear exhaust air flow system directs air away from work surface gives quite operation.
Wide Application — It is widely used in all kinds of mold, hardware products, and glass, stone, handicrafts, ornaments, circuit board manufacturing and so on industry need blank shaping, cutting, grinding and finishing homework.

Model: KP-620/KP-621/KP-620H/KP-621H (optional)
Collets Size: 3mm, 6mm
Air Inlet Port: 1/4in
Working Pressure: 0.5-.7MPA
Mounted Stone Shank Dia: 1/8inch, 1/4inch
Plastic Box Size: 225*210*50mm/8.9*8.3*2.0in

Color: Gold
No-load Speed: 25000rpm
Item Weight: 337mm/11.9oz
Item Size: 155*33mm/6.1*1.3in
Trigger Length: 78mm/3.1in

Color: Gold
No-load Speed: 22000rpm
Item Weight: 533mm/18.8oz
Item Size: 175*40mm/6.9*1.6in
Trigger Length: 79mm/3.1in

Color: Gold
No-load Speed: 22000rpm
Item Weight: 364mm/12.8oz
Item Size: 150*35mm/5.9*1.4in
Trigger Length: 75mm/3.0in

Color: Gold
No-load Speed: 20000rpm
Item Weight: 586mm/20.7oz
Item Size: 170*40mm/6.7*1.6in
Trigger Length: 81mm/3.2in

Packing List:
1 * Pneumatic Die Grinder
2 * Wrench
2 * Collets
10 * Abrasive Mounted Stone
1 * Carry Box