Mini Digital Anemometer Beaufort Scale IP67 Thermometer Handheld Anemometro Pocket Wind Speed Meter Air Velocity Wind Temperature Speed Chill Indicator Measure Meter Backlight LCD with Max/AVG Mode


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Do you want to measure air velocity (wind speed) and temperature? You may try this mini anemometer whether you're flying RC planes, drones, wings, helicopters. It's very useful and widely used in hiking, sailing, drone pilot, ventilation system, sea sport competition, wind power, marine industry, exhaust fans, air-conditioning, etc. 

2 in 1 digital anemometer for measuring air velocity(wind speed) and temperature.
With maximum, average and current air velocity measurement with beaufort scale.
6 wind speed units selection: m/s, ft/min, Knots, Km/h, mph, bft and temperature units ℃/℉ selection.
Large LCD display with backlight for easy operation in darkness. Perfect for home and outdoor uses.
Low battery indication, wind chill indication, auto/manual power off & energy saving.

Color: Black + Red
Material: ABS Plastic
Switchable Wind Speed Unit: m/s, Knots, Km/h, mph, ft/min, bft
Range: 0~30m/s, 0~90Km/h, 0~55Knots, 0~65mph, 0~5860ft/min
Resolution: 0.1m/s, 0.3Km/h, 0.2Knots, 0.2mph, 19ft/min
Minimum Wind Speed: 0.7m/s, 2.5Km/h, 1.4Knots, 1.6mph, 137ft/min
Air Velocity Accuracy: ±5%
Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45℃ / 14 ~ 113℉
Temperature Resolution: 0.2℃ / 0.36℉
Temperature Accuracy: ±2℃ / ±3.6℉ 
Auto Power Off: 14 minutes without any operation
Thermometer: NTC Thermometer
Operating Conditions: -10℃~45℃ / 14℉~113℉, <90%RH
Storage Conditions: -40℃~60℃ / -40℉~140℉ 
Display: LCD Display with Backlight
Battery: 1 * 3.0V CR2032 Button Cell (Not Included)
Current Consumption: Approx.3mA
Item Size: 47 * 21 * 126mm / 1.9 * 0.8 * 5.0in 
Item Weight: 86g / 3.0oz
Package Size: 13 * 5.9 * 3.5cm / 5.1 * 2.3 * 1.4in 
Package Weight: 102g / 3.6oz

Package List:
1 * Digital Anemometer
1 * User Manual (English)