Mobile Phone Tripod Mini Flexible Sponge Octopus Shape Tripod Smartphone Camera Bendable Tripod


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Universal 1/4 screw, suitable for the camera, phone clip, adapter, etc.
Can be used as a mobile phone/camera tripod, or a simple handle.
Non-slip design better protects your phone and camera.
Made of hard plastic, complete flexibility.
360° ball head for multi-angle shooting.

Material: Plastic, Sponge
Tripod Color: Black, Red, Blue (Optional)
Package Options: Tripod, Tripod with Phone Clamp
Package Size: 20*5*5cm (Tripod); 18.5*6*5cm (Tripod with Clamp)
Package Weight: 45g (Tripod); 62g (Tripod with Clamp)

Package List:
1 * Tripod (with or without phone clamp optional)
Note: For your better use of the product, please avoid tightening the screws too hard.