Mobilephone Mainboard Fault Diagnosis Tool Circuit Board PCBA Troubleshooting Infrared 3D Thermal Field Quick Analysis Circuit Maintenance Circuit Board Detection Utility Tool


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This circuit board PCBA thermal imaging analysis has leakage and short circuit search and positioning function, can be in circuit repairs when quick positioning, suitable for circuit board detection, repairs and quality inspection, etc., come to try it, it will not disappoint you.

Wide applications: This tool can be used for small current leakage quick positioning, heat dissipation analysis of PCBA, short circuit location positioning, compoent failure inspection, comparative analysis, quality control, integrated circuit transient temperature change, observation of battery temperature rise.
The PCBA placed on both sides of the dividing line,and the comparative analysis is carried out under the same conditions.
Multiple modes of software corresponding to different application scenarios, such as temperature distribution line, regional inspection, 3D thermal field, multiple color palette.
The focal length is adjustable for clear images, different distances will leads to unclear images, the definition of the images is controlled by adjusting the focal length of the camera.
With the complete temperature data curve record and detailed temperature data comparison, over limit temperature can be automatically photographed.

Material: metal
Thermal imaging resolution: 260*200
Frames: 25Hz
NETD: 70mK@25℃
FOV: Horizontal angle 34.4, vertical angle 25.8
Lens: 4mm adjustable focusing lens
Temperature ranges: -10~120℃ (-23~112℉)
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±3℃
Power: direct current 5V (USB Type-c)
Item size:
Standard: 241 * 220 * 172mm / 9.5 * 8.7 * 6.8in
Assemble additional accessories: 346 * 341 * 220mm / 13.6 * 13.4 * 8.7in
Working temperature: -10~55℃ (-23~13℉)
Humidity: <95%
System: Win10(recommended)/win7
Update: manual or automatic update via internet
Package size: 375 * 280 * 105mm / 14.8 * 11.0 * 4.1in
Package weight: 1970g / 4.3lb

Packing list:
1 * Mainboard Fault Diagnosis Tool Set