MOSKY Audio SOL918 5-in-1 Multi Effect Pedal Combined Effect Guitar Pedal


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Multi-Effects Pedal: Reverb+Delay+FX Loop+Overdrive+Distortion, 5 effects in 1 unit.
Distortion: based on SHUR RIOT distortion, the distortion is a versatile high-gain distortion pedal with the sonic characteristics and touch sensitivity of a high quality 100 watt tube amplifier. The distortion will transform a super clean amp into an authoritative rock tone that inspires all of your favorite riffs.
Overdrive: based on analogman king of tone overdrive. so you can use the full range of the DRIVE knob and it has a little more drive at the top than a normal gain KOT. The mode is improved though, for a louder, stronger distortion sound.
FX Loop: the SEND and RETURN jacks let you expand your board with other pedals, the FX LOOP point is positioned between the Delay and Overdrive modules.
Delay: based on Mad professor deep blue delay, the delay is a natural sounding digital/analog delay, with the analog direct signal path. containing just the basic delay features: Delay Time, Delay Level and Repeat controls. It was designed to work as an ambiance delay; like that of a vintage tape echo and the repeat , the formation was specifically designed to allow easy setting and less critical setting of delay time.
Reverb: based on Malekko Omicron SPRING Reverb, the Spring Reverb Emulator sports a dwell circuit that gives it nearly bottomless depth and a Mix control for wet/dry.
True Bypass: for eliminating any signal interference when all switched off.
Application Range: suitable for guitar, bass and other electroacoustic musical instrument.

Material: Metal
Power Jack: 9VDC, negative tips (regulated recommended)
Item Size: 230 * 69 * 36mm / 9.06 * 2.71 * 1.42in
Item Weight: 494g / 17.43oz
Package Weight: 571g / 20.16oz
Package Size: 25 * 8.5 * 6.5cm / 9.84 * 3.35 * 2.56in

Packing List:
1 * Effect Pedal
1 * Manual (English)