Mountain Bike Saddle Shockproof Waterproof Long-distance Riding Reflective Tail Light Strip Safe Driving


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The bike saddle is shockproof and ventilated, waterproof wear-resistant, decreases the burden of long-distance riding. And it brings you safe driving with reflective tail light.

Reflective tail light, improve cycler's safety during the night riding. 
Designed for comfortable riding, keeping you away from the pain for a long time ride.
Thick high-density memory foam padding with spring/anti-shock ball under the bicycle seat protects you from the sharpness among the road cracks, bumps, and frost heaves. 
The special breathable center hollow will relieve pressure points in your sensitive areas and avoid the sweaty discomfort. 
The surface is made by premium artificial leather, totally waterproof and wear-resistant.
With the standard diameter (7/8") rail clamp and small tool included in the package, the seat can be mounted on the common bike seat post easily in tens of seconds. 

Material: Polyurethane Gel Filling + PU Skin
Color: Black & Red, Black & White, Black & Blue, Black & Green, Black (optional)
Type: Spring type, Anti-shock ball type (optional)
Tail Light: Reflectable (can't remove)
Color of Light: Red (Reflective not light-emitting diode)
Item Size: 250 * 200 * 120mm / 9.84 * 7.87 * 4.72in
Package Weight: 
 Spring type: 820g / 28.92ounces
 Shockproof ball type: 800g / 28.22ounces
Package Size: 260 * 210 * 110mm / 10.24 * 8.27 * 4.33in

To stop any misfits, please make sure to properly measure the bike pole gauge.

Packing List:
1 * Bike Saddle
1 * Spanner
1 * L Wrench
1 * Saddle Adapter
1 * Water&Dust Resistant Cover