Multifunctional Cartoon Car Safety Seat Tray


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This product is used for the stereoscopic fence of the child seat to preventing the baby's toys from falling. The waterproof material can be cleaned as soon as it is wiped. The surface layer is covered with transparent film, which is waterproof and dirt-proof and convenient to wash.

Perfect for drinks and snacks, portable.
Adjustable back strap keeps tray secured to kids.
Contour design fits snugly to the kid's waist and attaches easily to car seats.
Soft foamy tray keeps children from hurting themselves on hard corners.
Suitable for car seat, stroller, home, baby buggy, travel, etc.
The mobile phone can be put in the safety seat, making the baby's journey interesting.

Material: Oxford Cloth
Pattern: 3 (optional)
Size: 420 * 320 * 80mm / 16.5 * 12.6 * 3.1in
Weight: 450g / 0.99lb
Package size: 450 * 350 * 100mm / 17.7 * 13.8 * 3.9in
Package weight: 500g / 1.10lb

Package List:
1 * Car Seat Tray