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This stepper servo drive system is a perfect combination of servo control technology in digital stepper drive. The product uses an optical encoder to sample position feedback every 50 microseconds. Once the position deviation occurs, the position deviation can be corrected immediately. This product is compatible with the advantages of stepping technology and servo technology. It has the characteristics of small heat generation, small vibrations and quick acceleration. It is a highly cost-effective motion control product.

No lost step, accurate positioning.
Rated torque drive motor.
Variable current control technology, high current efficiency.
Low vibrations and smooth operation at low speed.
Rich output control.
Built-in acceleration and deceleration control to improve start-stop smoothness.
Users can customize the subdivision.
Compatible with 1000 line and 2500 line encoders.
General application parameters do not need to be adjusted, the factory has been set up.

Name: Stepper Motor Set
Phase: 2
Step angle: 1.8 deg
Current: 5A
Resistence: 0.36Ω
Inductance: 1.74mH
Torque: 2.0Nm
Shaft diameter: 8mm
Module size: 118 * 75 * 34mm / 4.65 * 2.95 * 1.34in
Motor size: 80 * 57 * 57mm / 3.15 * 2.24 * 2.24in
Item weight: 1.85kg / 4.08lb
Package size: 200 * 150 * 100mm / 7.87 * 5.91 * 3.94in
Package weight: 1.98kg / 4.37lb

Packing List:
1 * Closed Loop Stepper Motor
1 * Motor Driver
1 * 2m Power Cables
1 * 2m Encoder Cables