Multifunctional Oil-Free Air Fryer


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This air fryer has a capacity of 5.5L, which can meet the needs of a family and a party. Oil-free and smoke-free, high-temperature degreasing, healthier, no oily smoke, better kitchen environment, less fat intake, better physical condition, and body shape. Multiple functions, simple operation. The tolerable temperature span is large. The appearance is high-value, and the cooking is happier. The detailed design is thoughtful, so you can use it at ease and enhance the happiness of life.

[Multifunction]This air fryer integrates multiple functions. It can defrost, bake, heat, and grill in one machine, making cooking easier. You can enjoy French fries, fried shrimps, grilled chicken wings, grilled steaks, cakes, grilled whole chickens, etc. so that you can easily enjoy the deliciousness at home.
[Non-stick Pan]This air fryer uses a  food-grade non-stick coating liner, which is easy to clean before and after use, safe, healthy, and more wear-resistant. Intimate guardian, make products with heart.
[Nutrition & Delicious]This air fryer has 360° circulating hot air and three-dimensional convection to bake food. The inside of the fryer is heated evenly, and the food is cooked and can retain nutrients. The 360° spiral fan blades can quickly take away the moisture on the food surface to form a crispy taste. 1300W high-power heating, the food is fully cooked from the outside to the inside, and it does not take long to wait for the delicious food.
[Automatic Power-off]This air fryer has an automatic power-off protection function. It has a built-in sensor switch. When the frying basket is pulled out during work, the fryer will automatically stop functioning. After putting it back in, the original program will continue. It can be pulled out at any time to check the food status and use more. Safe and more assured.
[Easy to Use]This air fryer adopts a dual-knob control design, which is simple and convenient to operate. It has a built-in precision module, the temperature is in place, and the timing is accurate, helping you to make delicious food easily.

Color: Black
Type: EU/US/UK (Optional)
Style: Mechanical Style/Intelligent Fashion (Optional)
Material: Plastic
Occasion: Kitchen
Package Size: 31*31*39.4cm/12.2*12.2*15.51inch
Package Weight: 3700g/8.16lb

Packing List:
1 * Air Fryer
1 * Manual
1 * Power Cable

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2. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurements.