NR-950 Handheld Portable Nuclear Radiation Detector LCD Display Household Radioactive Tester Geiger Counter β Y X-ray Detection Sound Vibrations Light Triple Alarm Practical Nuclear Radiation Detector


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Nuclear radiation is a problem that each one needs to pay attention to, because it may bring some serious consequences, such as disease or even cancer. Our nuclear radiation detector can help you to detect nuclear radiation well, so if you need it, come and try it.

Using the LCD display, the working status of the nuclear radiation instrument is clear on the display, and you can quickly and accurately read the data you need.
With the function of automatically storing data, even if the power is suddenly cut off, the data will not be lost and can be stored for a long time.
There are three alarm methods: sound, light and vibration, which can better remind you and give you a better experience.
Hand-held portable design, easy to carry and store, you can put it in your pocket for carrying.
NR-950 has five measurement units: uSv/h, uGy/h, mR/h, cps, cpm, and this type further improve the product performance, while reducing the power consumption.

Material: plastics
Detecting rays: X, Y, β
Dose current rate: 0.00~1000usv/h (10msv/h)
Accumulated dose equivalent: 0.00uSv~500.0mSv
Energy ranges: 48keV~1.5Mev≤±30% (for 137Cs-)
Language: English, Chinese
Sentivity: 80CPM/uSv (for Co-60)
Power: 2 * AA battery (NOT INCLUDED)
Item weight: 120g / 4.2ounce
Package size: 172 * 126 * 36mm / 6.8 * 5.0 * 1.4in
Package weight: 200g / 7.1ounce

Packing list:
1 * Nuclear Radiation Detector