Original Creality CR-T Portable 3D Intelligent Scanner 3D Modeling Scanner 1080P Projector 1300Megapixel with 7 Inch HD Touchscreen 32G Memory for Education/Art Design/Game Design/3D Printing


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Portable 3D Scanner: Minimalist sleek design, the body thickness only 15mm, 520g weight, enabling it can be operated with one hand. Rotating platform and tripod are available, it can realize automatic scanning.
Quick Scanning: Eliminate complex modeling and assembly processes, start up and scan, no need to preheat. 3 minutes scan, automatic stitching, vivid color, exquisite texture.
Independent Operation: Equipped with a new Android system, combining functions in one, unlimited download of massive teaching resources. Embedded computing ability, frequently used indoor and outdoor.
3D Animation & AR Production: Automatically bind bones with one click, based on motion capture technology, map actions to models, greatly reducing course difficulty and production time. AR content production, teach users to find a way to tell a story in AR.
1080P Projection: 1080P HD projection, can meet the requirement of multi-dimension teaching in the classroom, find learning materials, conduct group PPT discussions, broaden the horizon to provide the most humanized and diversified teaching experience.
Wide Applications: Capture life in a three-dimensional way, whether it's graduation season, wedding, vacation or travel, all your feelings can be displayed in the way of 3D model. It is widely used in 3D printing, animation design, industrial design, game design, education and so on.

Brand: Creality
Model: CR-T
Material: Aluminum Alloy
CPU: 2.0GHz, 6 Core ARM Processor
Scanning Range: 300 * 200 * 250mm
Texture Resolution: 2-13 Megapixel
Light Source: White Light
Texture: RGB 24bit HD Map
Scan Mode: Turntable Automatic Scanning
Single-Sided Scanning Accuracy: 0.1mm
Scanning Speed: ≤2min/circle
Support 3D Printing Format: STL, PLY, OBJ
Stitching Method: Automatic Turntable Stitching
SDK Secondary Development Kit: Yes
Scan Calculation Mode: Alibaba Cloud/ LAN
Projection: Support 1080P Color Projection
Stitching Method: Automatic Turntable Stitching
Camera Resolution: 13 Million(2)
Screen Resolution: 7 Inch, 2K
Battery: Built-in 7.6V, 6200mAh Lithium Battery
Running Memory: 4G
Body Storage: 32G
Android System: Android 7.0
Item Size: 19.2 * 12.2 * 1.5cm/ 7.6 * 4.8 * 0.6in
Item Weight: 520g/ 18.3oz
Package Size: 52 * 40 * 9cm/ 20.5 * 15.7 * 3.5in
Package Weight: 2000g/ 70.5oz

Packing List:
1 * 3D Scanner
1 * Rotating Platform
1 * Calibration Plate Bracket
1 * Positioning Pad
1 * Tripod
1 * Clay
1 * Portable Bag
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1 * Scanner Power Adapter
1 * Rotating Platform Power Adapter
1 * Type-C Quick Charging Plug
1 * USB Cable
1 * Power Supply Converter
1 * Test Model
3 * Calibration Plate
1 * Warranty Card