Outdoor Camping Lamp Holder Tent Lamp Simple Style Wood Shelf Outdoor Camping Equipment


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This wooden lamp holder has texture and is suitable for those who like to take artistic photos, at home or when camping.

You can hangs any small light with straps.
It's not just a lamp stand, it's more like a work of art.
Polished fine, round around, will not hurt the hand.
Fine quality and long service life.
Small size and light weight, easy to carry. Can be resolved.

Material: wood
Color: wood
Item size: 280 * 200mm / 11.0 * 7.9in
Item weight: 500g / 1.1lb
Package size: 300 * 170 * 30mm / 11.8 * 6.7 * 1.2in
Package weight: 600g / 1.3lb

Packing List:
1 * Lamp Holder