Outdoor Folding Round Barbecue Tray Ovenware Picnic BBQ Non-stick Frying Pan Round Baking Pan Holes Grill Tray Plate


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The product brings absolute taste experience to your family. The barbecue basket set is an fine tool for grilling at night and is fine for any meat, fish or vegetables.

Partly made of iron, the baking pan is healthy and practical.
Wood handle, wood polished smooth, will not harm the hand.
Folding handle design, save space and bring convenience for storage and carrying.
Can be used with folding pot rack, grill, etc.
Can be used for kebabs, steak, chicken and other delicacies barbecue.
There is a buckle at the handle.
Large hole design: The large hole design of our grill basket allows you evenly cook and let the food fully show its natural flavor.

Material: iron+wood
Color: black
Item size: 530 * 305 * 35mm / 20.9 * 12.0 * 1.4in
Item weight: 608g / 1.3lb
Package size: 320 * 320 * 50mm / 12.6 * 12.6 * 2.0in
Package weight: 630g / 1.4lb

Packing List:
1 * Holes Grill Tray