Outdoor Metal Barbecue Classic Charcoal BBQ


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This smoker, consisting of a generous cooking chamber and a robust side combustion chamber, allows you to grill and smoke your food. The thick, perfectly sealed metal body of the smoker ensures excellent retention and distribution of heat. The air outlets will help you adjust the airflow while the chimney damper controls the amount of smoke. With the built-in thermometer, you can observe and monitor the temperature. The smoker also contains a shelf at the front and a storage shelf underneath where you can place spices, ingredients, utensils and other essential barbecue items. Equipped with 2 wheels, it can be easily moved for outdoor parties, picnics and gatherings.

Black color
Material: steel frame
Overall dimensions: 103 x 60 x 113 cm (W x W x H)
Cooking height: 80 cm
With 3 chrome cooking grids
Dimensions of the cooking grids: 30 x 29 cm (L x W) for 2 pieces; 30 x 26 cm (L x W) for 1 piece
With 3 electrostatically coated charcoal grids
Dimensions of Charcoal Grids: 20 x 27.5 cm (L x W)
With steel handles and a steel table
Size of the table: 61 x 21 cm (L x W)
With a thermometer
Smoke registry included
Article suitable for charcoal and wood