Outlet Tester socket Standard 0.1-250V Outlets 8 Visual Indication Wiring Legend Receptacle Socket Tester Circuit Analyzer


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One click to immediately detect the safety of the current circuit, prevent electric shock and escort your safety.
Five functional advantages: color display, leakage protection, zero fire line identification, automatic shutdown and non-contact detection.
The HD display screen can clearly see the screen value in the dark environment without fear of dark environment test.
When the "leakage switch test key" is pressed and there is no tripping and power failure, there is no leakage protection. On the contrary, there is leakage protection.
Wide Application – Widely used for electric maintenance testing, office sockets testing, power strips testing and wall sockets testing in school, laboratory, factory and other social field.

Plug Standard:EU
Rated voltage: 01v ~ 250V / 40 ~ 1kHz
RCD current: > 30mA / > 5mA
Installation required:2x AAA Battery (Not included)
Package Size:6.5×6.5x6cm

Package List:
1xOutlet Tester socket