Ozone Generator Integrated Ceramic Ozone Plate Washable Air Purifier for Bathroom Kitchen Living Room Remove Smoking Cooking Pets Odor 40,000mg/h


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Strong Heat Dissipation Function: 4 layers of ceramic plates superimposed heat dissipation effect is good, which can allow the ozone generator to operate safer and longer.  
Function: Ozone has strong oxidation that can quickly decompose pollutants in the air to change its structure, so as to achieve the aim of changing circumstances.
High Capacity: An output of 36,000 mg/h can deodorize your space from odors, smoke, and volatile organic compounds.
Wide Applications: Perfect for larger areas like offices, restaurants, hotels, garages, dumpsters, basements, as well as any cooking, smoking, pet, musty or general odors.
Durable: Good corrosion resistance and toughness, and good compressive strength lengthen its service life.
Washable: It is recommended to use gasoline or ether solution to wash once a month.

Material: PBT
Ozone Output: 40,000mg/h
Item Size: 14.5 * 10.5 * 5.5cm / 5.7 * 4.1 * 2.2in
Item Weight: 627g / 1.4lb
Package Size: 15 * 11.5 * 6cm / 5.9 * 4.5 * 2.4in
Package Weight: 666g / 1.5lb

Package List:
1 *  Ceramic Ozone Plate