Padlock Hasp Stainless Steel Gate Latches Lock


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The padlock hasp is specially designed for locking door, window, drawer, cabinet, gate or cupboard, etc. Easy to install and use. Suitable for home use or office use.
Made of fine quality stainless steel material, rust-proof and corrosion resistant. 
High hardness ans strong durability, not easy to deform. 
It is used for locking door, window, gate, drawer, cabinet or cupboard, etc. 
Suitable for home use or office use.
Easy to install, and the opening on the hasp will allow for a padlock with a large diameter.
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 3 Inch, 4 Inch, 5 Inch (Optional)
Package Weight: 
* 3 Inch: 85g / 3.00ounce
* 4 Inch: 102g / 3.60ounce 
* 5 Inch: 115g / 4.06ounce
Package Size: 125 * 40 * 40mm / 4.92 * 1.57 * 1.57in
Package List:
1 * Padlock Hasp