Pet Knotting Comb 9+17 Blades, a Pet Grooming Tool Grofor Cats and Dogs


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You will get a pet comb! For dogs and cats to remove tangles and knots.
Achieve faster, more professional results in hair removal and grooming!
The non-scratching, rounded outer teeth gently massage your pet's skin. Meanwhile, the inner teeth are sharp enough to smoothly cut through the toughest mats, tangles and knots.
Stainless steel teeth and a comfortable non-slip design handle ensure that every pet owner can enjoy a special bonding time while grooming their pet.
The stainless steel teeth of the pet hair removal comb are rust-free, durable and easy to clean.
With this dog grooming brush, there's no need to worry about your pet's hair cluttering up your house!

Color: Green\Yellow(optional)
Application: Cat,dog,etc.
Package weight: 150.8g 
Package size:18.5*10.2*3.2cm

Package list:
1 * Knotted Comb