PM2.5 PM1.0 PM10 Air Quality Detector Digital Display Meters Tester Mini Precise and Intelligent Detection


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Note:Due to the limitation of international logistics, the products are equipped with chargers for rechargeable batteries, but they are shipped without batteries, and Rechargeable battery No.7 can be purchased locally.

LCD air quality level status backlight display, sound and light alarm settings, this product uses the principle of scattering digital general particle concentration sensor detection.
Accurate detection and real-time detection value, maximum value, minimum value, particle minimum resolution particle size is 0.3um, the Fahrenheit temperature and centigrade temperature can be freely switched
It is widely used in family, office, enterprise, government, school, automobile and other industries.
Three display modes:
Mode 1 shows the concentration of PM2.5, PM10 and ambient temperature.
Mode 2 shows the concentration of PM2.5 and PM10, and the ambient humidity.
Mode 3 shows the ambient temperature and humidity of PM2.5.

Safety warning notice:
The grade of 0ug / M ~ 3 – 75ug / M ~ 3 is goood (green, good)
75ug / M? 3 – 150ug / M? Level fail (yellow, slightly polluted, unhealthy)
≥ 150ug / m3, grade bad (red, seriously polluted, very unhealthy)

Detection gas: particulate matter concentration in air (PM2.5, PM10)
Measurement range: (0-5000) UG / M
Minimum reading: 1 ug / M 3
Response time: ≤ 10s
Power supply:3*AAA NO.7 batteries Or Rechargeable battery No.7 (not included)
Measurement principle: laser scattering principle
Working environment: 0-50 ℃, 32-122 ℃; 10-90% RH
Storage environment: – 10-80 ℃, – 14-176 ℃; 10-75% RH
Package size:196*119*70mm
Pacakge weight:371.6g

Package include:
1* Air Quality Dector
1* Charger for battery
1* User Manual