Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder Kit 90-120 PSI Working Pressure Comprehensive 2 PCS Set Automotive Brake System Bleeding Tools


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Comprehensive Pneumatic Tester Kit with 4 master cylinder adapters for brake bleeding and brake fluid refilling.
The transparent silicone tube can prevent air from flowing back into the brake system while releasing the brake fluid.
Works under a standard workshop air pressure of approximately 90-120 PSI.
Adapter Sizes: 21 to 30mm, 24 to 32mm, 29 to 37mm, 32 to 41mm.
Simple and Convenient Operation: flush the entire brake sustem by yourself with the brake fluid bleeder.

Air Inlet Thread Size: 1/4'' NPT
Pumping Tank Capacity: 1000ml
Filling Tank Capacity: 750ml
Working Pressure: 90-120 PSI
Pumping Tube Length: 2m
Adapter Sizes: 21 to 30mm, 24 to 32mm, 29 to 37mm, 32 to 41mm
Package Size: 28 * 20 * 8cm / 11 * 7.87 * 3.15in
Package Weight: 800g / 28.22oz

Package List:
1 * 1000ml Pumping Tank
1 * 750ml Filling Tank
4 * Plastic Adapters
2 * Air Gun Connectors (1 American Style, 1 European Style)
1 * User Manual