Pneumatic Foot Pedal Valve 1/4-inch Air Inlet & Outlet 1/8-inch Exhaust 4 Way 2 Position Pneumatic Air Flow Control Foot Press Valve Direct Drive Type


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High quality pneumatic foot pedal valve, made of durable and sturdy material. Perfect accessory for air tools.

Pneumatic foot pedal valve with 1/4" thread air inlet and outlet, 1/8" thread exhaust. 3 way 2 position or 4 way 2 position for option. Direct drive acting type.
Made of high quality carbon steel material, with stable structure, high strength and great durability.
Foot pedal valve controls the air and changes the air direction for practical use.
Adopts anti-skid rubber pedal pad and bottom, easy to use. Step down: get to work, release: stop working.
High working pressure, it can reach up to 0.8MPa. Widely used in various pneumatic tools to improve efficiency.

Note: Size and color may be slightly different due to manual measurement and different light conditions. Thanks for understanding.

Model: FV320/ FV420 (Optional)
Type: 3 Way 2 Position (FV320); 4 Way 2 Position (FV420)
Thread: 1/4" (Air Inlet = Air Outlet), 1/8" (Exhaust)
Material: Carbon Steel
Working Medium: Air (40μm Filtered)
Acting Type: Direct Drive Type
Pressure: 0-0.8MPa
Working Temperature: 0-60℃
Item Size: 125 * 80 * 54mm / 4.92 * 3.15 * 2.13in
Item Weight: 569g / 1.26lbs (FV320); 614g / 1.35lbs (FV420)
Package Size: 13.5 * 9 * 6.3cm / 5.31 * 3.54 * 2.48in
Package Weight: 605g / 1.33lbs (FV320); 650g / 1.43lbs (FV420)

Package List:
1 * Foot Pedal Valve