POFUNG P52UV Mini Walkie Talkie Portable Handheld Transceiver Interphone VOX Function Battery Save LED Flashlight FM Radio Two Way Radio


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(VHF)144-146MHz (Rx/Tx), (UHF)430-440MHz (Rx/Tx), 65-108MHz (FM Rx) Frequency Range, Up to 128 memory channels.    
Special DCS function, 50 sets of CTCSS, 210 sets of DCS.
LCD display with backlight adjustable in 3 colors.
VOX, Scan, Dual Watch functions and SOS Emergency function.
Busy Channel Lockout function, Keypad lock function, Squelch adjustable in 9 levels.
FM radio receiver, IP57 certified, Flashlight.
1800mah Battery, auto power-saving function, and low battery alert.

Brand: POFUNG P52UV 
Frequency Range: (VHF)144-146MHz (Rx/Tx)
                            (UHF)430-440MHz (Rx/Tx)  
                            65-108MHz (FM Rx)
Memory Channel: 128 Groups
Operation Voltage: DC 7.4 V ±10%
Battery Capacity: 1800mAH (Li-Ion)
Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm
Operating Temperature: 20℃ to +50℃
Mode of Operation: Simplex
Antenna Impedance: 50ohm
RF Output Power: ≤5W 
FM Modulation: 11K0F3E@12.5KHz
Spurious Emission: -36dBm<1GHz, -30dBm>1GHz
Adjacent Channel Power: 60dB @ 12.5KHz
Transmission current: ≤1600mA
Receive Sensitivity: 0.25μV (12dB SINAD)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥55dB@12.5KHz
Inter Modulation and Rejection: ≥55dB@12.5KHz
Conducted Spurious Emission: ≤-57dB@12.5KHz
Rated Audio Power Output: 1W @16 ohms
Receive current: ≤380mA
Rated Audio Distortion: ≤5%
Package Size: Approx. 20.5*10.5*10.5cm/8.1*4.1*4.1in
Package Weight: Approx. 516g/18.2oz

Package List:
1 * Transceiver
1 * Battery Pack
1 * Belt Clip
1 * String
1 * Charger
1 * Manual