Portable Air Conditioner Fan Ice Fan Air Cooler


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Portable design: The handle design and small size enable you to take it with you wherever you go. It's an ideal choice for home, office, and outdoor activities.  
Icy: You can insert the ice tray into the fan to achieve fast cooling effects. Enjoy the icy air in hot summer. 
Cooling principle: The blades blow the hot air towards the icy tray. Then the melt icy water is blown out to create coolness.  
Stepless speed: Just rotate the button to select the most comfortable speed. 

Name: portable air conditioner 
Material: ABS
Color: white 
Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 4.5W
Water tank capacity: 200ml 
LED Light color: blue
Size: 173*145*132mm

Package information: 
Size: 165*156*228mm
Weight: 710g 

Package list: 
1*portable air conditioner 
1*charging cable 
2*ice trays