Portable Air Detector Carbon Dioxide Detector Agricultural Production Greenhouse CO2 Monitor


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This air detector can help you check the air condition, which is a nice helper for household detection, greenhouse planting, CO2 detection in warehouse, etc.

Compact size and light weight, portable and convenient to use and carry.
Equipped with quality temperature sensor and humidity sensor for quick and accurate detections.
The 2.8-inch LCD screen with backlight can clearly display the current values of CO2, temperature and humidity. The colored circle will change according to the current CO2 value. 
Easy to operate, no need to calibrate after starting up, it can work and detect automatically. 
Support 240~360 minutes long standby time. 
Widely Applied to household use, educational institutions, agricultural cultivation, greenhouse planting, warehouse operation, material processing, etc. 

Color: White / Black (Optional)
Charging: USB Type-C Interface
CO2 Detection Range: 400~5000PPM 
CO2 Detection Sensitivity: 1PPM
Applicable Temperature: -1℃~+70℃
Package Size: 140*125*42mm / 5.5*4.9*1.7in
Package Weight: 165g / 5.8oz

Packing List:
1 * Air Detector 
1 * USB Cable
1 * Users Manual (English)