Practical Multifunction Handheld Vacuum Pressure Pump and Brake Fluid Bleeding Replacement Tool Set


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This power built vacuum pump kit is consist of vacuum pump, fluid reservoir, fully sealing cap for spare fluid reservoir(for temporary storage), long vinyl hose, assorted small sections of vinyl hose, assorted adapters, tees, caps and suction cup. Multifunction, suitable for testing vacuum-operated components, engine mechanical testing, hydraulic systems, siphon fluids and tec..

Pump body includes pisston, cylinder and valve assembly.
Vacuum/pressure gauge-A21/2" gauge calibrated in PSI, BAR and inches of mercury.
Vacuum fitting, this barbed fitting is for attachment of the supplied hose, and also can be directly attached to vehicle vacuum lines or components.
Vacuum/pressure release collar, the external collar on the pump slides back ang forth on the pump body, moving the collar to release stored pressure or vacuum.
Comfort grip handles are designed so that they can be easily squeezed together to create vacuum or pressure.
It can be used to bleed hydraulic systems or siphon fluids.
Suitable for testing vacuum-operated components, like door locks, actuators, and etc..
Suitable for engine mechanical testing, like valves, cam timing, head-gasket, and etc..
Suitable for brake and clutch hydraulic system bleeding.
Suitable for the measurement of vacuum supplied by boosters resercoirs solenoid or the engine.

Name: Vacuum Pump and Brake Bleeding Kit
Main material: plastics+metal
Item size: 125 * 220 * 40mm / 4.92 * 8.66 * 1.57in
Item weight: 742g / 1.64lb
Package size: 255 * 176 * 85mm / 10.04 * 6.93 * 3.35in
Package weight: 1433g / 3.16lb

Packing List:
1 * Vacuum Pump
4 * Hose
2 * Sealing Cup
13 * Adapter
1 * Guideline