Professional Car Auto Hand Held Vacuum Pressure Pump Brake Bleeder Adaptor Fluid Reservoir Tester Vacuum Bleeding Test Kits 2 in 1 Tool Kit


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This professional vacuum pump is used to test a variety of essential vehicle settings and operations. It can check vacuum and pressure operated automotive component. It includes a brake fluid reservoir for bleeding operations.

2 in 1 vacuum pump and brake bleeder tester tool kit with brake fluid reservoir.
Practical and suitable for almost all car to minimize the mess.
3 tubes of different length to cover different needs with different adapters to fit most kinds of vehicles.
Elementary vehicle settings and functions for checking component in the vacuum system such as, MAP sensors, valves, hoses, etc.
Suitable for both home and business applications, also suitable for bleeding brake and clutch systems.
Precise pressure gauge: 0-30inHg, 760mmHg.
Handheld pistolpump with easy to read dual scale gauge.
Easy handheld carrying-case for easy transportation and storage.

Outcase-Color: Red
Material: Plastics + Iron + Copper
Maximum negative pressure: 0.3bar
Hose length: 2 * 24" vacuum hose, 2 * 3" vacuum hose
Precise pressure gauge: 0-30inHg, 760mmHg.
Dual gauge readings: negative pressure. -30inHg to 0inHg, -760mmHg to 0mmHg
Capacity of reservoir Jar: 120ml
Item size: 233 * 198 * 52mm / 9.17 * 7.80 * 2.05in
Package size: 215 * 285 * 79mm / 8.46 * 11.22 * 3.11in
Package weight: 790g / 1.74lb

Packing List:
1 * Vacuum Pump / Brake Bleeder
1 * Drainage Vessel 
1 * Hose Connection Lid 
1 * Sealed Lid 
2 * 24" Vacuum Hose
2 * 3" Vacuum Hose
2 * Cone Hose Adapter
1 * Straight Hose Adapter
1 * "T" Hose Adapter
3 * Brake Vent Valve Adapter(3 Sizes)
1 * Universal Cup Lid Adapter
1 * User Manual
1 * Carrying-Outcase