PVC Pressure Shower


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Special nozzle,2 meters hose,large water area,convenient grasping switch,big opening cap, which are easy to inject water, save water resources,and rinse rapidly.

PVC tarpaulin with fine sealing,and the safety straps over the fill port prevents the tank from accidental opening during operation.
Special nozzle, 2 meters hose, big opening cap, convenient grasping switch ,which easy to injected water,save water resources, and rinse rapidly.
The bottom of the outer bag is designed with vent to drain the remaining water.
Portable convenient storage for outdoor shower, wash feet,wash hands and car etc.Suitable for hiking,camping,climbing etc.

Color: Blue
Material: PVC
Capacity: 12L
Weight: 1000g / 2.20lb
Bucket size: 400 * 195mm / 15.7 * 7.7in
Application: Outdoor shower, wash feet, car, hands and so on.
Package size: 245 * 245 * 100mm / 9.6 * 9.6 * 3.9in
Package weight: 1100g / 2.43lb

Package List:
1* Shower Bag