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This infrared thermal imaging analyzing camera adopts infrared thremal imaging technology and intelligent algorithms to display real-time operating temperature data of parts on the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), such as chipsets, resistors and capacitors, analyze and optimize the motherboard thermal field distribution. The function is mainly focusing on PCBA throubleshooting and repairs, temperature distribution design analysis and product temperature distribution evaluation.

With the electricity leakage quick check function to check the defect quickly, improve your working efficiency and save your time.
The additional functions such as 3D thermal imaging field analysis, regional area temperature curve analysis and comes with a tripod for you to use together, give you a better using experience.
PCBA quick diagnosis mode: This mode is focusing on the PCBA defect troubleshooting and repairs, by pressing the button "Electricity Leakage Quick Check" to increase the contrast of the images, and adjust the temperature ranges to quickly locate the PCBA short circuit and electricity leakage etc. It can detect the minimum 6mA electricity leakage.
Thermal imaging field distribution mode: This mode is focusing on thermal imaging field distribution of the product and PCBA, such as PCBA layout heat evenly distribution and product heat, dissipation efficiency etc.
Comparison mode: This mode is optimize the heat distribution, defect and working PCBA analysis, to compare the defect and the working PCBA to locate the defect.
When the high temperature threshold is exceeded, there will be red frame flash and sound from the computer. The high-temperature trace the highest temperature point of the whole images, and show the temperature value.
After clicking the button, you can draw a rectangle or polygon on the screen to display the temperature curve history in the frame in real time.
According to the real-time temperature, the images contrast can be automatically increased, and t abnormal temperature can be quickly located, which can be checked by adjusting the temperature ranges.

Material: iron
Detector type: uncooled vanadium oxide detector
Resolution: 52000 (260*200)
Wavelength ranges: 7~14um
Camera angle: 42 * 32°
Frame frequency: 25Hz
Display mode: infrared thermal imaging
Interface type: USB Type C
Picture storage format: JPG (640 * 480)
Video storage format: MP4
Temperature measurement function: Full-scale temperature measurement
Temperature measurement distance: 2mm~∞
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±5℃ or ±5%
Temperature measurement ranges: -20℃~120℃
Input voltage: 5V direct current
Power consumption: <250mw
Storage temperature: -15~60℃
Humidity: 95% relative humidity
Package size: 180 * 180 * 59mm / 7.1 * 7.1 * 2.3in
Package weight: 460g / 1.0lb

Packing list:
1 * Thermal Camera 
1 * Bracket
1 * Allen Wrench
1 * Screw for Bracket
1 * Base 
1 * USB Type-c Cable
1 * User Manual