Rat Traps Flip slide Bucket Mouse Trap


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Warm notice:item suitable for diameter of the barrel mouth is 31cm, and the capacity of the barrel is 5 gal.(Bucket not include)

Through the experience of our buyers, we can share some more beneficial methods for catching mice:
Tips 1,Peanut butter seems to be more attractive than other baits,you can try to smear peanut butter on the top of the inner cover. 
Tips 2,If you are worried that the bucket will be gnawed by rats, it is recommended to put a 5-gallon bucket together with a large glass flowerpot, and then fill the bucket with seeds. Do not add water! Wait a day, check for mice, then fill the bucket with water, which will drown them.

Compared with the traditional mousetrap, this mousetrap can remove the mice without creating a bloody picture.
The passage is designed and studied manually. By understanding the travel habits of rats, the results will be automatically harvested the next day after the installation.
Simple and easy to install, suitable for installation on a 31 cm diameter 5-gallon bucket.
There are no other security risks, but it is effective to catch rats.

Material: ABS
Unit weight: 400g
Package size: 30.48 x 30.48 x 7.62 cm
Package weight: 500g

Packing list:
One set of the Rat Trap(Bucket not include)