Removable Paper-feel Screen Protector Reusable Like Paper Film No Slip&Glare/High Transmittance Compatible with iPad mini 4 mini 5


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This Paper-feel Screen Protector offers paper-feel touch and high transmittance at front side, remains touch sensitivity of the screen, suppresses reflection of light. Besides, every stroke is responsive without slip. And with special processed black frame, it is removable and reusable.

Paper-feel Touch

Enables you to feel just like writing, drawing on the paper. Besides, it is ultra thin to ensure touch sensitivity of the screen.
No Slip 
Each stroke is in your control without slip, accurate and responsive.

No Glare
The surface is designed with matte finish, suppressing reflection of light and effectively resisting grease, fingerprint and sweat.

High Transmittance
It restores the original colors that screen displays as far as possible.

Removable & Reusable 
The black frame is processed with washable adhesive tapes. Therefore, it is removable and washable, enabling you to use it repeatedly. And when the screen protector is not be used, you can attach it to PVC panel for next use.

Material: PET
Compatibility: Compatible with iPad mini 4 mini 5

Packing list:
1 * Removable Paper-feel Screen Protector
1 * PVC Panel
1 * Cleaning Cloth