RGB Color Little Night Light


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With button switch & remote switch dual selection: Avoid that changing function touch is not sensitive or not working.
RGB colour mold: includes cold white light, warm white light, RGB gradient, RGB flash, RGB fixed color, kinds of colors for choice. 
SOS blinking, and brightness adjustment: Apply to different situations. Help you sleep well, make fun for babies and play for festival atmosphere.
Add the rope so it can be taken with you.
Install in 18650 battery. Can work for a long time.

Product model: 1638_RGB
Power input: DC5V/ 1A
Rated power: 5W
LED light power: yellow light 1.2w(0.2W*6); RGB colorful 1.2w(0.2W*6)
LED Power: Yellow 1.2w(0.2W*6); RGB 1.2w(0.2W*6)  
Shell material: ABS+PC
Colour: White
Package Size: 9.5*9*8cm/ 3.74*3.54*3.15in
Package Weight: 180g/ 6.35oz

Package List:
1 * LED light 
1 * Instruction manual 
1 * Remote control
1 * USB charging cable 
1 * Lanyard